Media Samples in Music Database

Here are different fun facts about entries in the database. They are updated in real-time.
The first song to use a quote from a movie is the one below. I dare you to find an older one.

The Prisoner by Iron Maiden on The Number of the Beast (1982, Metal) uses sample from The Prisoner (1967):
We want information. Information. Information.
-Who are you?
-The new number 2.
-Who is number 1?
-You are number 6
-I am not a number! I'm a free man!

The Song using the oldest movie is:

Sinners Bleed by Entombed on Clandestine (1991, Metal) uses sample from The Mummy (1932):
"Death. Eternal punishment."

The latest entry in the DB is:

Anne by Bloodbath on Grand Morbid Funeral (2014, Metal) uses sample from Ted Bundy's Final Interview (1989):
I mean, I was essentially a normal person and I had good friends, I led a normal life except for this one, small but very potent and very destructive segment of it, that I kept very secret, very close to myself and didn't let anybody know about it.