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Album artwork Movie poster

1) by on (, Metal) uses sample from ():

Surprise motherfucker

Album artwork Movie poster

2) by on (, Metal) uses sample from ():

That's what I'm going to do to you now. Tear the skin from your body, slowly, bit by bit.

Album artwork Movie poster

3) by on (, Metal) uses sample from ():

The human ingredients are said to increase the power of the muti [...] Understanding the nature of these bizarre crimes is difficult. They seek particular body parts for very specific purposes, and the aim is not to kill but to harvest.

Album artwork Movie poster

4) by on (, Metal) uses sample from ():

I killed those seven men, in first degree murder, and robbery. As they've said, they had it right
Serial Killer...!

Album artwork Movie poster

5) by on (, Metal) uses sample from ():

John Ryder: You wanna know what happens to an eyeball when it gets punctured? Do you got any idea how much blood jets out of a guy's neck when his throat's been slit?

Album artwork Movie poster

6) by on (, Metal) uses sample from ():

Then I was like, "Oh, shit... that turns me on.I wanna fuck this baby girl."