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Movie poster

1) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Harmony Korine, ):

I) Damn you, rabbit! You smell like fuckin' piss! You can kiss my ass! I hate the goddamned rabbit. Fuckin' rabbit! Kill his ass! I don't like rabbits comin' to my fuckin' house. I kill them. I got 'im. - No, you didn't!- Yes, I did! He looks like a queer rabbit! All queer! That fag! He can kiss my ass! Rabbits are queers! They always got to shit on themselves! Ah, those little queer-ass rabbits. Hey, look at these little fag bunny ears. Fuckin' rabbit.l'm sick and tired of it. - This shitty-ass rabbit stinks!- I know. He smells like pussy! He smells like an asshole! Hey, motherfucker! Smells like wetback dick! They smell like a pound of bullshit! ls it dead? I don't know,but l'm gonna make sure. - I wonder if he's dead.- Got some big-ass nostrils. Hate fuckin' rabbits.

II) Come on, can you smile for me, please? OK, you son of a bitch... if you don't smile, I'm gonna kill you, OK? I've killed before,and l will kill again. I will pick up your brains all over the floor. You came out of my womb... and I'll stick you right back in my womb. If you don't smile, I'm going to kill you.