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Movie poster

1) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Abel Ferrara, ):

"Hey 'ole buddy! What are you doing out here tonight? Night traveler I see. Did you stop by to have a drink with me? Hey what do you got in your hand, mister? A drill! Hey, what are you, a "fix-it" man? What do you got, banker's-hours? Looks like your working 12-12, I wouldn't want that kind of job. Hehehe, I tell ya what, there's no job in the world that I know worth getting out of bed in the morning for... And I know something else that's good for jobs that gives you pain in the neck, this good 'ole bottle right here... Have a drink, buddy? Hey c'mon, mister cool it now, c'mon. We'll get excited... What do you got, problems or something? What? Do you got problems with your 'ole lady? Aww, I thought so, huh? She's taking you cross cold, giving you a hard time... Well, I tell ya, I got the same problem myself, man and I have one word of advice for you, I would..."