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Movie poster

1) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Abel Ferrara, ):

"Hey 'ole buddy! What are you doing out here tonight? Night traveler I see. Did you stop by to have a drink with me? Hey what do you got in your hand, mister? A drill! Hey, what are you, a "fix-it" man? What do you got, banker's-hours? Looks like your working 12-12, I wouldn't want that kind of job. Hehehe, I tell ya what, there's no job in the world that I know worth getting out of bed in the morning for... And I know something else that's good for jobs that gives you pain in the neck, this good 'ole bottle right here... Have a drink, buddy? Hey c'mon, mister cool it now, c'mon. We'll get excited... What do you got, problems or something? What? Do you got problems with your 'ole lady? Aww, I thought so, huh? She's taking you cross cold, giving you a hard time... Well, I tell ya, I got the same problem myself, man and I have one word of advice for you, I would..."

Movie poster

2) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Lucio Fulci, ):

"Freudsteine's house... it draws me like an infernal magnet and frightens me. How many have wandered innocently into the witing spiderweb? How many more are doomed to follow? The smell of the rooms terrifies me and lures me on. The smell of blood."

Movie poster

3) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Albert Pyun, ):

First there was the collapse of civilization: anarchy, genocide, starvation. Then when it seemed things couldn't get any worse, we got the plague. The Living Death, quickly closing its fist over the entire planet. Then we heard the rumors: that the last scientists were working on a cure that would end the plague and restore the world. Restore it? Why? I like the death! I like the misery! I like this world!!

Movie poster

4) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Rick Roessler, ):

"My God, boy, what have you done? Why... why? You mean they were messin' with your pigs? Jesus Christ, boy, you can't just slaughter people 'cause they were messin' with your hogs! Now we're in a heap of trouble. Ah, shit... I buy you a new drum-bunker cleaver for your birthday, and this is how you repay me? Sometimes you really piss me off. At least you made good, clean cuts."

Movie poster

5) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (George A. Romero, ):

"They're after us. They know we're still in here." "They're after the place. They don't know why, they just remember. They remember that they want to be in here." "What the hell are they?" "They're us, that's all. There's no more room in Hell." "What?" "Something my granddaddy used to tell us. You know Mokumba? Voodoo. Granddad was a priest in Trinidad. Used to tell us, when there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth."

Movie poster

6) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (Tobe Hooper, ):

On the afternoon of August 18th, 1973, five young people in a Volkswagen van ran out of gas on a farm road in South Texas. Four of them were never seen again. The next morning the one survivor, Sally Hardesty-Enright, was picked up on a roadside. Blood-caked and screaming murder. Sally said she had broken out of a window in Hell. The girl babbled a mad tale: a cannibal family in an isolated farmhouse… chain-sawed fingers and bones… her brother, her friends hacked up for barbecue… chairs made out of human skeletons… Then she sank into catatonia. Texas lawmen mounted a month-long manhunt, but could not locate the macabre farmhouse. They could find no killers and no victims. No facts; no crime. Officially, on the records, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre never happened. But during the last 13 years, over and over again reports of bizarre, grisly chainsaw mass-murders have persisted all across the state of Texas. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has not stopped. It haunts Texas. It seems to have no end.

Movie poster

7) Album artwork by on (, Metal) uses sample from Movie poster (David E. Durston, ):

Men may become animals and eat their victims I drink your blood and eat your skin. A young man infects a whole city with rabids and turns a group of men into a band of bloodthirsty zombies ravaging [...]. I drink your blood and eat your skin.