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1) Ages Die by Hideous Divinity on Adveniens (2017, Metal) uses sample from Videodrome (1983):
Intro : That’s only the beginning – the beginning of the new flesh.

Outro : Soon all of us will have special names

2) Burn in Hell (Music Video) by Twisted Sisters on Stay Hungry (1984, Metal) uses sample from Pee-wee Big Adventure (1985):
Francis: Today's my birthday and my father says I can have anything I want. Pee-wee: Good for you and your father. Francis: So guess what I want. Pee-wee: A new brain? Francis: No. Your bike!

3) To Tame A Land (Iron Maiden Cover) by Morgion on A Call to Irons: A Tribute to Iron Maiden (1998, Metal) uses sample from Dune (1984):
"Father! Father! The sleeper has awakened"

4) A Cold Logistic Slaughter by Aborted on The Archaic Abattoir (2005, Metal) uses sample from Defending Gary: Unraveling the Mind of the Green River Killer (0000):
I don't give a shit. I had control and that's what it... What it all comes down to. Fuck'em all.

5) The Little Death by The Body & Full of Hell on One day you will ache like I ache (2016, Metal) uses sample from You don't know Jack (2010):
[...]who I am.
- has this sense of loss of things?
- Loss, loss, loss ...
Let's talk, if [you could]

6) Posthuman by Stamp on Posthuman (2018, Stoner) uses sample from Gattaca (1997):
Neurological condition, 60% probability, manic depression, 42% probability. Attention deficit disorder, 89% probability. Heart disorder ... 99% probability.

7) I shit on your grave by Meatshits on Ecstasy of Death (1993, Metal) uses sample from Snuff (1976):
Please, don't touch me like that! Please! Please! Oh, please!

8) In the Minds of Evil by Deicide on In The Minds Of Evil (2013, Metal) uses sample from Batman : The Dark Knight (2008):
Some men just want to watch the world burn.

9) I, The Witchfinder by Electric Wizard on Dopethrone (2000, Metal) uses sample from Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält (1970):
I am Albino. You wish to see me ?

10) Let the Killing Begin by Vital Remains on Dechristianize (2003, Metal) uses sample from The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965):
His name is Jesus.He comes from Nazareth, in Galilee. He is here now charged with the crimes of sedition, sorcery and blasphemy.
Jesus of Nazareth,I adjure you by the living God, by the Almighty,tell us if you be the Christ the Son of God!

- Are you the Christ?
- Are you the Son of God?
- I am.

- To the cross with the prisoner.