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1)  Promenons nous dans les bois by Doctor Flake on "Intervention Chirursicale" (2006, Trip-Hop) uses sample from C'est arrivé près de chez vous (1992):
Gamin ! Gamin ! Allez viens ! Tu vas pas rester tout seul dans ce bois !

2)  Let the Killing Begin by Vital Remains on "Dechristianize" (2003, Metal) uses sample from The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965):
His name is Jesus.He comes from Nazareth, in Galilee. He is here now charged with the crimes of sedition, sorcery and blasphemy.
Jesus of Nazareth,I adjure you by the living God, by the Almighty,tell us if you be the Christ the Son of God!

- Are you the Christ?
- Are you the Son of God?
- I am.

- To the cross with the prisoner.

3)  With Satan and Victorious Weapons by Marduk on "World Funeral" (2003, Metal) uses sample from Der Name der Rose (1986):
- Because you were inspired by the Devil?
- Yes. That's it. I was inspired by the Devil! I am... inspired by the DEVIL!"

4)  T34 (Silhouette Of Death) by Toxocara on "Imminent Repulsion (Suffice to Prevent)" (2005, Metal) uses sample from Hamburger Hill (1987):
"Red-one-six charlie, this is red-six - over"

5)  Panzer Regiment Jylland by Panzerchrist on "Regiment Ragnarok" (2011, Metal) uses sample from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006):
I'm gonna give you a chance to die a hero.

6)  Your Entitlement Means Nothing by Aborted on "The Necrotic Manifesto" (2014, Metal) uses sample from Hobo With a Shotgun (2011):
My father's got something he wants you all to see.And I swear, anybody looks away for even a second, I'll make them wish they we're fucking aborted.

7)  Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) by Cathedral on "The Carnival Bizarre" (1995, Metal) uses sample from Witchfinder General (1968):
I am Matthew Hopkins, witchfinder

8)  Jeff by Illdisposed on "1-800 Vindication" (2004, Metal) uses sample from Wayne's World 2 (1993):
Chinese dialog in which Jeff says he'd rather be called "Jeff" than his own name.

9)  Foul Play by Officium Triste on "The Pathway" (2001, Metal) uses sample from Bad Lieutenant (1992):
"Why don't you have a little bit of fucking respect?"

10)  Lenny Nero by Nerve on "Fracture" (2013, Metal) uses sample from Strange Days (1995):
Well, we're gonna start you off right.

11)  Hollow points by Army of the Pharaohs on "The Unholy Terror" (2010, Hip-Hop) uses sample from The Iceman Confessions Of A Mafia Hitman (1992):
I would move Heaven and Hell and anything in between to get to you. You
wouldn't be safe anywhere if I was mad at you. And that's not bull;
that's truth. I've went up against people. You could pull a gun on me
and if I'm mad at you I'm coming forward. You'd have to shoot me to stop
me and if you don't kill me - you're stupid cause the next time you see
me I will kill you.

12)  Prevail by Kataklysm on "Prevail" (2008, Metal) uses sample from Last Man Standing (1996):
Everybody ends up dead. It's just a matter of when.

13)  Golden Dawn by Ministry on "The Land of Rape and Honey" (1988, Metal) uses sample from The Devils (1971):
"You have been found guilty of covenants with the devil"
"State your confession"
"Confess! Confess!"
"The Anti-Christ"
"Confess! Confess!"

14)  Like Angels Weeping by Kataklysm on "In the Arms of Devastation" (2006, Metal) uses sample from Man on Fire (2004):
Revenge... Is a meal best served cold.

15)  Marked by Darkness by Hatesphere on "The Sickness Within " (2005, Metal) uses sample from The Omen (1976):
"-The little priest ? Is he dead yet ? -Yes"